Select the Factors for the Plot (3D Plot of Loadings)

Principal Components and Factor Analysis

Click the Plot of loadings, 3D button on the Factor Analysis Results dialog box - Loadings tab to display the Select the factors for the plot dialog box. This dialog box is displayed only if there are four or more factor loadings. Note that you can control the maximum number of factors via the Define Method of Factor Extraction dialog box - Quick tab.

OK. Select the three factors you want to plot, and click the OK button to produce the 3D scatterplot of factor loadings. The points in the scatterplot represent individual variables and are labeled with their respective names. If the labels overlap, double-click on any variable label to display the Point Labels dialog box, in which you can access the option to adjust the font size used to label the points, as well as other options.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to return to the Factor Analysis Results dialog box.