2D Box Plots - Box Whiskers

This type of box plot will place a box around the midpoint (i.e., mean or median) which represents a selected range (i.e., standard error, standard deviation, min-max, or constant) and whiskers outside of the box which also represent a selected range (see above). The default box and whisker patterns used in this graph can be adjusted in the appropriate pattern's properties dialog (e.g., Line Properties, Area Properties, Marker Properties). To quickly select a property dialog, right click on the pattern you wish to change and select Pattern from the shortcut menu. These property dialogs can also be accessed by selecting General in the Graph Options dialog. To change a pattern, click on the marker, line, or area pattern button to open the appropriate pattern dialog.

Editing graph data for box and whisker format graphs. See Editing Graph Data for Box and Whisker Format Graphs.

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