2D Line Plots - Case Profiles

In regular line plots the values of one variable are plotted as one line (individual data points are connected by a line). In case profile line plots, the values of the selected variables in a case (row) are plotted as one line (i.e., one line plot will be generated for each of the selected cases). Case profile line plots provide a simple way to visually present the values in a case (e.g., test scores for several tests).

Note that you can use Statistics of Block Data/Block Columns from the spreadsheet shortcut menu to perform some statistics on the cases [e.g., sum the values or take the mean of the values for each test (variable)]. You can then plot those statistics along with the cases in the block for comparison purposes.

STATISTICA offers two types of case profile line plots: Regular and Multiple. Regular case profile line plots produce a sequence of graphs (one for each case). Multiple case profile lineplots produce a line plot for each case in one graph with a common y-axis scale.

Fitted functions can be applied to line plots. The function fits available for application to line plots are discussed in 2D Fit Lines.

See also, Graphs - 2D Line Plot (Case Profiles).