2D Scatterplot - Double-Y

This type of scatterplot can be considered to be a combination of two multiple scatterplots for one X-variable and two different sets (lists) of Y-variables. A scatterplot for the X-variable and each of the selected Y-variables will be plotted, but the variables entered into the first list (called Left-Y) will be plotted against the left-Y axis, whereas the variables entered into the second list (called Right-Y) will be plotted against the right-Y axis. The names of all Y-variables from the two lists will be included in the legend followed either by the letter (L) or (R), denoting the left-Y and right-Y axis, respectively. The Double-Y scatterplot can be used to compare images of several correlations by overlaying them in a single graph. However, due to the independent scaling used for the two lists of variables, it can facilitate comparisons between variables with values in different ranges.

See also 2D Scatterplot and Graphs - 2D Scatterplots.