2D Scatterplot - Voronoi

This specialized univariate scatterplot is more an analytic technique than just a method to graphically present data. The solutions it offers, help to model a variety of phenomena in natural and social sciences (e.g., Coombs, 1964; Ripley, 1981). The program divides the space between the individual data points represented by XY coordinates in 2D space. The division is such that each of the data points is surrounded by boundaries including only the area that is closer to its respective "center" data point than to any other data point. The particular ways in which this method is used depends largely on specific research areas, however, in many of them, it is helpful to add additional dimensions to this plot by using the marked subset (select points) and categorization options in this dialog. Note: The pattern of the line used to draw the Voronoi divisions can be adjusted via the Voronoi Lines button in the 2D General plot layout dialog.

See also 2D Scatterplot and Graphs - 2D Scatterplots.