2D Scatterplots with Box Plots

This type graph combines features of the regular X-Y scatterplot with box plots of the X and Y variables. Box plots are plotted parallel to the x- and y-axes of the graph, the X-box plot at the top and the Y-box plot at the right. Each component graph in this compound graph can be edited by clicking on it.

The function fits available for the scatterplot are discussed in 2D Fit Lines. Complete options for specifying box plot parameters are also available for this graph type. See also, Graphs - Scatterplots with Box Plots.

Graphs of Block Data. When creating 2D Scatterplots with Box Plots  via the Graphs of Block Data - Custom Graphs options, you can choose between two graph subtypes (shown below).

The box plots in a  Nonparametric graph subtype describe the central tendency of each category of the variable in terms of the median of the values in the category (represented by the smallest box in the plot).  The spread (variability) in each category's values are represented in this plot by the quartiles (the 25th and 75th percentiles, larger box in the plot) and the minimum and maximum values of the variable (the "whiskers" in the plot).

In the box plots in a Parametric graph subtype the smallest box in the plot represents the mean (central tendency) of the category values, while the dispersion (variability) is represented by ± 1 times the standard error (large box) and ± 1 times the standard deviation about the mean ("whiskers").