2D Scatterplots with Histograms

This type of graph combines features of the regular X-Y scatterplot with histograms of the X and Y variables. Histograms are plotted parallel to the x- and y-axes of the graph, the X-histogram at the top and the Y-histogram at the right. Each component graph in this compound graph can be edited by clicking on it.

The function fits available for the scatterplot are discussed in 2D Fit Lines and distributions available for plotting on the histograms are discussed in Fitted Functions for Histograms. Histogram interval definition can be specified separately for both the x- and y-axes by any of the options discussed in Methods of Categorization. See also, Graphs - Scatterplots with Histograms.

Graphs of Block Data. When creating 2D Scatterplots with Histograms via the Graphs of Block Data - Custom Graphs options, you can choose to fit a normal distribution to the two histograms by selecting Fitted Functions as the graph subtype (see illustration, below). Selecting a Regular graph subtype, results in histograms without a normal fit.