2D Box Plots - Median/Quartiles/Range

This box plot describes the central tendency of each category of the variable in terms of the median of the values in the category (represented by the smallest box in the plot).  The spread (variability) in each category's values are represented in this plot by the quartiles (the 25th and 75th percentiles, larger box in the plot) and the minimum and maximum values of the variable (the "whiskers" in the plot).

This option is available via Graphs of Input Data (see Box-Whisker by ...) and via the Graphs of Block Data custom graph options (e.g., Custom Graphs for Entire Column).  Box Plots can also be created with a variety of graph types and other options using the Graphs options from the Graphs menu, see Graphs menu graphs, 2D Box Plots, and 3D Box Plots.