2D Scatterplot - Linear Regression, 95% Confidence Interval

Choose this graph option when you want a scatterplot with a linear regression line fitted to the data and a 95% confidence interval for that line.  Once created the probability value for the confidence interval can be changed in the Regression Bands dialog accessible by right-clicking on a regression band and selecting Properties from the shortcut menu.  Note that this dialog is also available as a tab on the Plot Layout dialog.

This option is available via Graphs of Input Data (see Scatterplot By...) and via the Graphs of Block Data custom graph options (for example, Custom Graphs for Entire Column).  Scatterplots can also be created with a greater variety of fitted functions and confidence levels using the graphs options from the Graphs menu, see Graphs menu graphs, 2D Scatterplots, and 3D Scatterplots.