Codes (Values of Grouping Variables)

Codes are values of a grouping variable (e.g., 1, 2, 3, ... or MALE, FEMALE) that identify the levels of the grouping variable in an analysis. Codes can either be text labels (STATISTICA automatically assigns to them integer equivalents or you can assign/edit those integer values, see Text Labels Editor) or integer values. In some cases (this does not apply to Graphs menu graphs,  Quality Control, Process Analysis, Experimental Design, and other procedures) the actual integer value for the code must be less than 32,000. Since Julian values of dates may exceed 32,000 (e.g., the Julian value for the date 4/6/94 is 34,430), if you want to use dates as codes, first transform the dates to text labels via the Text labels/Dates dialog (e.g., the date 4/6/94 would be transformed into the text label APR06_94 with the numeric equivalent 14430 which could then be used as a code).

See Selecting Codes for upper/lower case and special character conventions.