Compound Graphs

Compound graphs are those that contain linked or embedded OLE objects. Unlike categorized or matrix graphs, which consist of multiple but inseparable graphs (controlled by a single Graph Options set of characteristics), compound graphs consist of several completely independent, stand-alone STATISTICA graphics objects placed on a single display.

Customizing. The component graphs are customizable as separate (OLE) objects in the master (blank graph) document. In order to customize any detail of a component graph (in a compound graph), double-click on it and STATISTICA will open it in a separate window where its attributes can be accessed directly.

Creating. STATISTICA can automatically create compound graphs (e.g., see the Scatterplot w/ Histograms and Scatterplots w/ Box Plots Graphs menu graphs, or the Quality Control module where one display contains 4 different types of graphs) or you can use the Multiple Graph AutoLayout Wizard to create them yourself. STATISTICA supports a comprehensive selection of facilities to insert OLE-compliant objects in STATISTICA graphics documents (see Exchanging Information (Data, Graphs) with Other Applications). In order to create a multiple graph template into which Clipboard objects may be pasted (using Paste Special), use the Graph Template dialog.