Drill-Down Analysis

The concept of drill-down analysis applies to the area of data mining to denote the interactive exploration of data, in particular of large databases. The process of drill-down analysis begins by considering some simple break downs of the data by a few variables of interest (e.g., gender, geographic region, etc.). Various statistics, tables, histograms, and other graphical summaries can be computed for each group. Next, you may want to "drill-down" to expose and further analyze the data "underneath" one of the categorizations; for example, you might want to further review the data for males from the Midwest. Again, various statistical and graphical summaries can be computed for those cases only, which might suggest further break-downs by other variables (e.g., income, age, etc.). At the lowest ("bottom") level are the raw data: For example, you may want to review the addresses of male customers from one region, for a certain income group, etc., and to offer to those customers some particular services of particular utility to that group. See also, General Slicer/Dicer Explorer with Drill-Down.