Dynamic Location of Objects (e.g., Arrows, Text) in Graphs

When the Dynamic (vs. non-dynamic or Fixed) mode is selected for an object such as some text, an arrow, etc. in a graph, then the object that you are inserting or adding to

the graph will be anchored against the x- and y-axis scales of 2D graphs (x, y, and z, in 3D graphs) and not the physical window coordinates; thus its position will be dynamically adjusted as you rescale the axes of the graph, rotate it (3D), or make other changes to the graph that affects the size or dimension of the plot area. For example, an arrow, that points to a particular data point in a 2D graph will continue to point to the same point regardless of how you resize or re-dimension the graph. In non-dynamic or fixed mode, that will not be the case.

Here is an example of what happens when you rescale the axes of a 2D graph with custom text and an arrow, that is not attached dynamically to the respective location in the plot, i.e., does not move as the scaling changes:

To attach an arrow "permanently" to a point, so that it will point to the respective marker regardless of the scaling of the axes, select the Dynamic check box in the Arrow Object Properties dialog box.