Event (in STATISTICA Visual Basic)

An event is an action that is typically performed by users, such as clicking a mouse button, pressing a key, changing data, or opening a spreadsheet or workbook. In STATISTICA certain events are exposed to the outside world, i.e., accessible to SVB, and they can be used to customize its behavior. Using programmable events, you can tailor STATISTICA's behavior to your needs. Examples of events applications might include:

  • building auditing systems into STATISTICA (by IT departments),
  • building interactive demonstration programs based on workbooks,
  • building customized user interfaces adhering to specific requirements of a particular application (or a specific company - e.g., to meet specific security requirements).

Events are an important part of the set of tools built into STATISTICA to make it a powerful solution building system.

See also STATISTICA Visual Basic, Macro - STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB), Master Macro (Log), Analysis Macro, Keyboard Macro and STATISTICA Events.