Keyboard Macros

STATISTICA includes the industry standard Visual Basic language to record almost all analyses, customizations, etc., that you can perform interactively. These programs can be edited inside a powerful development environment (STATISTICA Development Environment) to fully customize your programs.

When you select Start Recording Keyboard Macro from the Tools - Macro menu, STATISTICA will record the actual keystrokes you enter via the keyboard. When you stop the recording, a STATISTICA Visual Basic editor window will open with typically a very simple program containing a single SendKeys command with symbols that represent all the different keystrokes you performed during the recording session. Note that this type of macro is very simple in the sense that it will not record any context in which the recorded keystrokes are pressed and will not record their meaning (i.e., commands that these keystrokes will trigger), but this feature makes them particularly useful for some specific applications.  

See also Macro - STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB), Analysis Macro, and Master Macro (Log).