Legends can be treated in two ways in STATISTICA graphs: either as fixed legends or movable legends. By default, when a graph is created, the legend is fixed (unmovable), which means that its position (right lower bottom) is automatically determined and the graph is moved to the left in the window to leave space for the legend. You can make the graph legend movable so that you can reposition it in the graph and customize the text (e.g., add text, adjust line spacing and the distance between the legend symbols and the text, etc.) and other attributes of the graph legends by selecting the Convert to floating text command from the shortcut menu (right-click on the fixed legend).

Fixed legends can be temporarily removed from the graph by selecting the Hide command from the shortcut menu. The fixed legend can then be placed back into the graph (in its default position) by selecting the Show All Titles/Floating Text command available from the shortcut menu accessible by right-clicking anywhere in the empty space outside the graph region. Both fixed and movable legends can be included in the same graph.