Macro - STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB)

Advanced application programs sometimes include a macro language that can be used to record certain user actions, choices, etc. (keystrokes, selections of options), and then to play them back, to provide an automated method to achieve the same results (e.g., customizations, analyses) as the interactive (recorded) analysis. When these macros are recorded within the framework of a comprehensive application computer language, they can further be edited, combined with other macros, etc., to enable you to build fully customized programs "driving" your applications.

STATISTICA includes the industry standard Visual Basic language to record almost all analyses, customizations, etc., that you can perform interactively. These programs can be edited inside a powerful development environment (see Editing and Customizing Recorded Macro (SVB) Programs) to fully customize your programs.

There are three general categories of macros that can be automatically created in STATISTICA as you run the program:

All three follow the identical syntax and can later be modified, but because of the different ways in which each of them is created, they offer distinctive advantages and disadvantages for specific applications. See the STATISTICA Visual Basic documentation for further details.

See also, Master Macro (Log), Analysis Macros, and Keyboard Macros.