Master Macros (Logs)

STATISTICA includes the industry standard Visual Basic language to record almost all analyses, customizations, etc., that you can perform interactively. These programs can be edited inside a powerful development environment (STATISTICA Development Environment) to fully customize your programs.  

You can record a Master Macro or Master Log of your entire session that can consist of several or many analyses; this recording will "connect" analyses performed with various analysis options from the Statistics or Graphs tab or menu. However, unlike simple Analysis Macros, you can turn the recording of Master Macros on or off. The Master Macro recording will begin when you turn on the recording, and it will end when you stop the recording. In between these actions, all file selections and most data management operations are recorded, as are the analyses and selections for the analyses, in the sequence in which they were chosen.

See also, Macro - STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB),  Analysis Macros, and Keyboard Macros.