Single and Multiple Censoring

There are situations in which censoring can occur at different times (multiple censoring), or only at a particular point in time (single censoring). Consider an example experiment starting with 100 light bulbs, and terminate the experiment after a certain amount of time. If the experiment is terminated at a particular point in time, then a single point of censoring exists, and the data set is said to be single censored. However, in biomedical research multiple censoring often exists, for example, when patients are discharged from a hospital after different amounts (times) of treatment, and the researcher knows that the patient survived up to those (differential) points of censoring.

Data sets with censored observations can be analyzed via the Survival Analysis module or via the Weibull and Reliability/Failure Time Analysis options in the Process Analysis module; additional information about different types of censoring can also be found there. See also, Type I and II Censoring and Left and Right Censoring.