Text Values

Text values refer to a designated data (variable) type called Text. The term text values does not refer to labels assigned to the numeric values (these are text labels). In previous releases of STATISTICA (e.g., 5.5 and earlier), it was required that all variables be numeric with the option of having text assigned to the numeric values as well. In all subsequent releases, STATISTICA has "true" text values - text strings in the spreadsheet that will not have automatic numeric identities. You still have the ability to attach text (or text labels) to numeric values.

For more information on text values, see Notes on Text Labels and Text Values, Variable Types and Text Labels.

For transformations of text variables (variables of type text), see also, Transformation of Text Variables (Variables of Type Text). Note that STATISTICA Spreadsheets also support text labels for numeric values (these are labels "attached" to numeric values, which are used for display purposes only); when transforming the values with attached text labels, the respective transformations are performed on the numeric representations, and not on the text labels.