Adding Objects to a Graph

You can add either a new or an existing object to the existing graph.

Ribbon bar. Select the Insert tab. In the Object group, click OLE Object  to display the Insert Object dialog box.

Classic menus. From the Insert menu, select Object, or click the Insert Object button on the graphs toolbar, to display the Insert Object dialog box.

Then select the desired object to be inserted or create a new object; see the Insert Object dialog box topic for details.

Because Statistica Graphs are ActiveX objects as well as ActiveX containers (see also What is ActiveX? and ActiveX Documents) a wide variety of objects can be embedded or linked such as Visio drawings, Adobe illustrations, Excel spreadsheets, or Word documents. Moreover, Statistica supports hierarchies of embedded objects up to four levels, which means that it can manage "documents, containing documents, containing documents, which contain documents."

You can add ActiveX controls to graphs. When a graph is displayed, select OLE Control from the Insert menu to display the Insert Control dialog box, and select the desired control to be inserted.

Event Handlers for events generated by the ActiveX control can be defined in the Graph's Event Script by selecting View Code from the View - Events submenu.