2D Line Plots - Variables - Quick Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Use the options on the Quick tab of the 2D Line Plots Startup Panel to quickly specify the variables to use in creating your plot as well as the mode and case. It has a limited selection of graph types. For more options, select the Advanced tab.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the y-axis variable(s) to be plotted. If you select more than one variable for Regular line plots, a sequence of graphs (one for each selected variable) will be produced. Note that the x-axis is labeled with case names (the first column of data) in the order they are listed in the spreadsheet.

Graph type. Select the type of line plot to be plotted from the Graph type list. Click the desired plot link listed below for a brief description of that type of graph. Additional graph types are available on the Advanced tab.

Ignore missing data. When missing data are present, a discontinuous line is drawn for that plot. You can elect to ignore missing data by selecting this check box, and a continuous line will then be drawn for that plot.

Ignore out of frame points. This option controls whether line segments are drawn to points that fall outside the visible range when the scaling has been adjusted via the Axis - Scaling tab of the Graph Options dialog box so that some points are not in the current graph. If the Ignore out of frame points check box is cleared, a line segment is drawn to the points (see the left graph below).

If the Ignore out of frame points check box is selected, the out-of-frame points are ignored, and no line segment is drawn to them (see the right graph above).