2D Scatterplots - Quick Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Use the options on the Quick tab of the 2D Scatterplots Startup Panel to specify the variable(s) and type of scatterplot to create. This tab has a limited selection of graph types, fit types, and other options. For more options, use the Advanced tab.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display a standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variable(s) to be plotted. The selection that you make is then displayed in the area of the dialog box below the Variables button. When you select more than one variable for the regular scatterplot, a sequence of graphs is produced (one for each of the variables).  

Graph type. Select the type of 2D scatterplot to be plotted from the Graph type list. Click the links below for a brief description of that type of graph. More graph types are available on the Advanced tab.

Fit type.

Linear. Select this check box to fit a linear equation to the data in the scatterplot. Other fit types are available on the Advanced tab.

Regression bands. Use the options in the Regression bands (applicable when Linear or Polynomial is selected as the Fit) to display Confidence or Prediction bands around the fitted (regression) line. You can enter the probability value (Level), which represents the probability that the "true" fitted line (in the population) falls between the bands. The standard error for the fitted line (which represents the predicted values, given the respective linear or polynomial fit) is computed based on the polynomial regression model (it is assumed that the data and their polynomial transformations are normally distributed, e.g., see Neter, Wasserman, & Kutner, 1985, p. 246).