2D Scatterplots with Box Plots - Quick Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Use the options on the Quick tab of the 2D Scatterplots with Box Plots Startup Panel to quickly create a 2D scatterplot with box plots. For more options, select the Advanced tab.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display a standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the X and Y variables to be plotted in the scatterplot graph. The selection made will be displayed below the Variables button. A box plot is also produced for each variable (the X variable box plot will be placed above the scatterplot while the Y variable box plot will be placed to the right of the scatterplot in the compound graph display).

Scatterplot fit. There is one fit type on the Quick tab: Linear. For other fit types, select the Advanced tab.

Linear. Select this check box to fit a linear equation to the data in the scatterplot.

Graph type. Graph type options on this tab are limited. For more options, select the Advanced tab.

Select the type of box plot to be plotted in this area of the tab. Click the desired plot link listed below for a brief description of that type of box plot.

Box plot icon. The Box plot icon represents the currently selected Graph type

Middle point. In this group box, select the desired mid-point value to be represented by the selected style (point or line) in these plots. The mid-point can be either the Mean or Median of the selected variable and this setting determines the range of choices (statistics) available for other parts of the box plot (box, whiskers, and outliers).