Probability-Probability Plots - Advanced Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Select the Advanced tab of the Probability-Probability Plots Startup Panel to create a probability-probability plot using a variety of distributions.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variable(s) to be plotted. If you select more than one variable, then a sequence of graphs (one for each variable selected) will be produced. The selection that you make will then be displayed in the area of the dialog below the Variables button.

Distribution. Select the desired theoretical distribution for this graph. Additional options available in this box are dependent on the distribution selected.

Parameters. Specific parameters are available for some of the distributions. In those cases, the parameter options will be displayed when the distribution is selected. Click the desired plot link below for more information.

Compute from data. When this check box is selected, STATISTICA will estimate parameters (different parameters, according to which distribution is selected). When the check box is cleared, the user specifies the parameters.

Plot layout. Specify the plot layout using the option in this group box.

Multiple plots in one graph. When more than one variable has been selected to be plotted, select the Multiple plots in one graph check box to create an overlaid probability plot. When this check box is selected, several probability plots will be displayed in the graph: one for each selected variable. A different point marker and color is used for each of the multiple variables and referenced in the legend so that individual plots representing different variables can be discriminated in the graph. When this check box is cleared, separate graphs will be generated for each variable.