3D Range Plots - Quick Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Select the Quick tab of the 3D Range Plots Startup Panel to specify the variables to use in your graph, as well as to select from two graph types. For a greater variety of graph types, use the Advanced tab.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variables used to define the middle point and range (i.e., the lower limit and upper limit values). The selection that you make will then be displayed in the area of the tab to the right of the Variables button. If more than one variable is selected for the mid-point list, then a multivariate range graph will be produced (the same number of variables must be selected in the mid-point and range lists).

Graph type. Select one of two types of 3D range plots to be plotted from the Graph type list on this tab. Click the desired plot link below FOR a brief description of that type of graph. More graph types are available on the Advanced tab.