Ternary Graphs - Categorized Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Select the Categorized tab of the Ternary Graphs Startup Panel to access the options described here. Categorization is used in two classes of graphs in STATISTICA: categorized graphs (e.g., Categorized Scatterplots) and graphs that include grouping or categorized variables (e.g., 2D Histograms, or 2D Box Plots).


On. Select the On check box to create a categorized Ternary Graph. Note that the other options in the X-Categories box are disabled unless this check box is selected.

Select Integer mode, Unique values, or Categories to specify that method of categorization for each of the variables selected via the Change Variable button, or use the Boundaries, Codes, or Multiple subsets options. For more information about each of these methods of categorization, click on the links below:

Integer mode

Note that the categorization method and as well as the (default) formatting of the labels for the categories in the graph can be changed after the graph has been created via the Categorization tab of the respective Graph Options dialog box.

Layout. Select the type of layout for the graph(s).

Separate. Select this option button to produce a Separate plot layout (where each subset of cases is displayed in a separate graph) for the categorized plots.

Overlaid. Select this option button to produce an Overlaid plot layout (where all subsets are overlaid in one graph and identified by patterns and colors) for the categorized plots.