Customize User Graph Menu

Ribbon bar. Select the Graphs tab. In the Tools group, click User-defined and from the menu, select Customize Menu to display the Customize User Graph Menu dialog box.

Classic menus. From the Graphs - User-defined Graphs submenu, select Customize Menu to display the Customize User Graph Menu dialog.

Use these options to rename or delete all user-defined graphs. Note that Customize Menu is disabled if there are no user-defined graphs available. User-defined graphs can be named and saved by clicking the Add as User-defined Graph to Menu button on the Options 2 tab of any graph specification dialog box. Once saved, these "templates" can be accessed by name from the Graphs - User-Defined Graphs menu.

User Graphs. The menu names of all of the previously-saved user-defined graphs are listed in this area of the dialog box. Up to 16 user-defined graphs can be saved using the New User-defined Graph dialog box. You can create a particular user-defined graph by selecting it from the Graphs - User-defined Graphs menu.

Close. Click the Close button to exit the Customize User Graph Menu dialog box.

Delete. You can remove a user-defined graph from the list by selecting it and clicking the Delete button.

Rename. You can edit the list of user-defined graphs by highlighting the name of the graph you want to rename and clicking on the Rename button or right-clicking on the graph name and selecting the Rename option. Doing this will display the Specify name for user-defined graph dialog box, which is used to change the currently selected menu name.