Graphs of Input Data - 2D Histogram by ...

Ribbon bar. Select the Graphs tab. In the More group, click Input Data Graphs and from the menu, select 2D Histogram by.

Classic menus. From the Graphs - Graphs of Input Data submenu, select 2D Histogram by.

This Graphs of Input Data option offers an extension of the regular Histogram option, allowing you to examine the distribution of values of the currently highlighted variable broken down (categorized) by some other grouping or independent variable (see also, Categorized Histograms). For example, you may want to break down the distribution of test scores by the gender of the students.

In some results spreadsheets, the selection of the grouping variable is predetermined by some global grouping variable (i.e., the grouping variable designated in an analysis dialog box). When this is the case, STATISTICA will incorporate the (predetermined) grouping variable name in the appropriate Graphs of Input Data option (e.g., 2D Histogram by Gender). In most other cases, STATISTICA will prompt you to select the grouping variable via the Select Variable dialog box.

When you are prompted to select a grouping variable that will be used to categorize the values of the currently highlighted variable, the Select Variable dialog box will be displayed. Once you have selected the grouping variable from this dialog box, another dialog box will be displayed (Codes) prompting you to enter the values (codes) for the previously specified grouping variable (if you leave the list of codes empty, all distinctive values of the grouping variable will automatically be used). After the codes have been entered, a plot displaying separate histograms for each category of the grouping variable will be produced.

Many other types of histograms are available in Statistica's Graphs menu graphs. For a general overview of the graphics facilities in Statistica, see Graphs in Statistica.