Graphs of Input Data - Values/Stats

Ribbon bar. Select the Graphs tab. In the More group, click Input Data Graphs and from the menu, select Values/Stats....

Classic menus. From the Graphs - Graphs of Input Data submenu, select Values/Stats... view the values of the currently selected variable and its specifications as well as the descriptive statistics for that variable. When you highlight a variable and select this command, the Variable Values Window will be displayed in which the variable name, missing data value, format and long variable name (if any) are displayed (these can be edited in the Current Specs dialog box). The Variable Values Window also contains a sorted list of all data values (for that variable) that you can browse through and some descriptive statistics (n, mean, and standard deviation) for that variable.

 The descriptive statistics can be copied to the Clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

For a general overview of the graphics facilities in Statistica, see Graphs in Statistica.