AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1

Ribbon bar. Select the Graphs tab. In the Tools group, click Multiple Graph Layouts and from the menu, select Wizard to display the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1.

Classic menus. From the Graphs - Multiple Graph Layouts submenu, select Wizard to display the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1.

Use these options to select the graphs (files or windows) for the multiple graph layout, or remove the selected graphs. These options are described below.

Next >. Click the Next > button to proceed to the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 2.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the Wizard, disregarding any changes you have made.

Add Graphs. Use the options in the Add Graphs group box to add graphs to the multiple graph layout either from disk (i.e., previously saved graphs) or from current graphs in the program (from all modules of STATISTICA running, see below); blank graphs can also be added.

From Files. Click the From Files button to display the Select Graph Files to be arranged on One Page dialog box, which is used to select one or more previously saved graph files to be embedded in the multiple graph layout.

All Windows. Click the All Windows button to add the names of all current graph windows (not in workbooks). The graphs will generally be added in the order in which they were created. Note that only stand-alone graph windows can be chosen for embedding; graphs that are currently showing in a workbook will not be selected when you click this button. However, it is very easy to move graphs out of the workbook by 1) selecting one or more graphs in the workbook (use SHIFT+click or CTRL+click to select lists of consecutive or nonconsecutive graphs in the workbook, respectively), and 2) dragging the selected graphs out of the workbook into the Statistica application area; refer to the Workbook Overview and Workbook Drag-and-Drop Features for details.

Blank. Click the Blank button to insert "blanks" into the multiple graph layout. These "blanks" can be used to maintain space between graphs in the multiple layout. You can also use the Paste Special command in the Edit menu to replace them with OLE objects, or you can add extra text in place of the inserted "blanks."

Remove. Click the Remove button to remove the selected graph from the Graphs list.