AutoLayout Wizard - Step 2

Click the Next button in the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1 or the OK button in the Graph Template dialog box to display the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 2. Use these options to choose from several preselected layouts for either the Templates or AutoLayout Wizard.

Finish. Click the Finish button to finalize this last step of the AutoLayout Wizard.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the Wizard, disregarding any changes you have made.

AutoLayout. Depending on how many graphs are in the Graphs list (see below), the AutoLayout area will display all possible layouts for those graphs. Click on the desired layout to select it.

Graphs. The Graphs area lists the previously selected graphs or the specified number of blank graphs from the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1 or the Graph Template dialog box. You can rearrange the graphs in this list by selecting one or more graphs and then moving the mouse cursor either before the first graph, between two graphs, or after the last graph. When you move the cursor to one of these positions in the list, it will change to a "broken, double-headed arrow" .  When it appears like this, click the mouse to move the selected graph(s) to this insertion point.

Page Layout. Click the Page Layout drop-down list to display the list of predefined page layouts from which you can select the desired layout for the Multiple AutoLayout Graph. See Document Styles for further details.

Create. Use the options in the Create group box to add a title, subtitle (immediately below the title), and/or a footnote (at the bottom of the graph) to the Multiple AutoLayout Graph. Select the Title, Subtitle, and Footnote check boxes to insert the texts: Title, Subtitle, and Footnote at their respective positions (see above) in the multiple graph layout. In order to change these texts to the desired texts, double-click on the appropriate text to display the Graph Title/Text dialog box, in which you can edit it.

Margins. Use the options in the Margins group box to specify the outside and between-graphs margin (up to 25% of the total graph) in the Multiple AutoLayout Graph.

Change Graph List. Click the Change Graph List button to remove or add graphs to the Graphs list. When you click this button, the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1 will be displayed in which you can make your changes to the list. Click OK to return to the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 2.