Marker Properties

Click the Markers button on the General dialog box (accessible by double-clicking on any point marker) to display the Marker Properties dialog box. Or, in a graph with multiple categories, click the Multiple Markers button in the General dialog box to display the Category Overlay Markers dialog box, and in this dialog box, click any of the Pattern buttons to display the Marker Properties dialog box. Use the options in this dialog box to change the size, color, pattern, and style of markers in the graph. You can also access these controls via the Plot: General tab of the Graph Options dialog box (accessible via the Format menu). Once you have made all the desired changes, click Close.

Marker size. Enter the desired marker size in this field. You can change the size of the marker based on points (one point is 1/72nd of an inch, this type of measurement is device independent).

Marker as text. Select this check box to allow formatted text to be specified as point markers.

Marker pattern. Select a pattern for the marker with this option. The following patterns are available:

Foreground color, Background color. You can select a different color for the marker Foreground (i.e., the main component or the "outside" of the item, e.g., the outline of the hollow point markers) and Background (the "inside" of the item, e.g., the inside of the hollow point markers) with these options. When you click on the combo box arrow, a list of colors will appear from which you can select the desired color. If you select the More colors option from the list of colors, the Color dialog box will be displayed. Here, you will be able to select a single color to be added to the list of colors. To use a transparent background (or foreground), click the Transparent background (or Transparent) button. Click the Automatic background to use the Windows system color. You can also select from a variety of pre-specified color styles, by clicking the Style name option.

Marker style. Instead of specifying marker patterns, color, and size using the options above, you can select the style you want to use for these markers from the Style drop-down list box. To view a menu of options related to styles (save, save as, revert to saved, etc.), click on the button to the right of this list box. For more information on styles, see Graphics Styles.

Text markers. Use the options in this area to specify and format the text to be used as point markers. Type the text into the text box and use the buttons to specify font type and size, add superscripts and subscripts, change the font attributes to bold or italics, etc.