Paste Graph

When a STATISTICA graph has been copied to the Clipboard, you can press CTRL+V to display the Paste Graph dialog box. Use these options to specify whether the copied graph should be embedded in or merged with the currently selected graph.

Paste Graph as object. Select this option button to paste the copied graph as an independent object within the currently selected graph. When a graph is pasted as an independent object, you can move or resize it like every other custom graphic object. You can change the pasted graphs properties by right-clicking on the pasted graph and selecting Object Properties from the shortcut menu. You can also edit the embedded graph by double-clicking on it (following the standard OLE conventions). Note that you can also paste the copied graph as an object by selecting Paste from the Edit menu.

Merge Graph. Select this option button to merge the contents of the graph on the Clipboard with the contents of the selected graph. When graphs are merged, both sets of data are editable via the Graph Data Editor. Note that you can also merge the copied graph with the selected graph by selecting Paste Merge from the Edit menu.

OK. Click OK to paste the graph using the selected option.

Cancel. Click Cancel to exit this dialog box without pasting the copied graph.