Can I create a blank graph?

Yes. The quickest way to create a blank graph is to select Blank Graph from the Graphs - Multiple Graph Layouts menu. You can also select Wizard from the Graphs - Multiple Graph Layouts menu to display the AutoLayout Wizard - Step 1. In this dialog box, click the Blank button in the Add Graphs group, and then click the OK button to produce a "compound" graph containing one blank graph. You can then add new or existing graph objects (e.g., added text, embedded or linked objects, arrows, freehand drawings, previously saved graphs, etc.) to that blank graph.

The Multiple Graph AutoLayout Wizard and the Templates option (on the Graphs - Multiple Graph Layouts menu) can also be used to design and produce a custom layout. Alternatively, the Snap to Grid facility can be used. The Alignment Grid (accessible on the View menu) and/or the dynamically updated cursor coordinates can be used to aid in the visual placement and alignment of the graph objects in the blank graph.