How can I copy a selected part of a STATISTICA graph to the Clipboard?

Copying an object. Select a graphic object to be copied by clicking on it (be sure that you are in default pointing mode, i.e., the Selection Tool  button on the toolbar is clicked). Graphic objects are all objects you have created on the screen such as a custom text, a segment of a drawing, or an embedded graph or artwork. When the object is selected, press CTRL+C. Alternatively, you can click the Copy  toolbar button.

Copying a rectangular section of the graph. Enable the Screen Catcher by pressing ALT+F3 or selecting it from the Edit menu. The mouse pointer will change to a small circle with a cross hair; place the cross hair in the upper-left corner of the area to be copied, then drag it to the lower-right corner (a rectangle will indicate the exact area that you are selecting). When you release the mouse button, the selected area will be automatically copied to the Clipboard in the bitmap format (there is no need to click the Copy button). Note that the Screen Catcher can be used to copy any rectangular part of the screen, not only in the graph window from which it was called but any part of the screen (even including parts that belong to other applications).

Copying a specific window. The Screen Catcher can also capture a specific window from the screen. To copy a specific window, select Capture Window from the Edit - Screen Catcher menu, and use the mouse pointer to select the desired window.