How do I plot a custom-defined function?

Select Custom Function Plots from either the Graphs - 2D Graphs or the Graphs - 3D XYZ Graphs menu and specify the function in the respective dialog box. Also, you can add a custom function plot to any existing graph, as explained below.

Access the Custom Function tab of the Graph Options dialog box, and click the Add new function button. Use the options on this tab to specify the equation to be plotted in the 2D or 3D graph.

In addition to the standard math functions, a variety of functions representing distributions as well as their integrals and inverses are supported and can be plotted (including Beta, binomial, Cauchy, Chi-square, exponential, F, Gamma, geometric, Laplace, logistic, normal, log-normal, Pareto, Poisson, Student's t, and Weibull distributions).