How can I create a style from a custom graph title format?

First, create a graph with custom title text. For example, open the Adstudy.sta datafile, and select Scatterplots from the Graphs menu to display the 2D Scatterplots creation dialog. Select variables, and type a title (e.g., Hotel Guest Survey) in the Custom title box on the Options 1 tab of the 2D Scatterplots dialog. Click the OK button to produce the graph.

Next, double-click the custom title at the top of the graph to display the Graph Titles/Text dialog. Click the Font button and change the font type, size, color, etc. as desired. Note that the specified changes are applied immediately to the title displayed in the text box on the dialog.

Finally, click the Styles button on the Graph Titles/Text dialog to display the Graphics Styles dialog, and either right-click in the Styles for Title box or click the ellipsis  button. From the resulting menu, select Save As to display the Save As dialog, and enter a name for the style you have just created (e.g., surveytitle). Then click the Save button to store your custom title style for later use. Close the Graphics Styles dialog and click the OK button on the Graph Titles/Text dialog to apply the formatting features to the custom title on the current graph.