Are there options to make printed graphs look better?

The Create Clipboard/Report/Metafile images at a printer resolution option is located on the Documents/Graphs: Display tab in the Options dialog box, the Documents/Reports tab in the Options dialog box, and the Analyses/Graphs: Output Manager tab in the Options dialog box. This option determines the line thickness for rendering the main components of the graphs used when generating metafile representations of STATISTICA Graphs. Metafile representations are created for the Clipboard when STATISTICA Graphs are pasted as metafiles (and not as STATISTICA active objects) to other applications, such as MS Word. They are also used when STATISTICA Reports are printed or exported as RTF documents, and when you save STATISTICA Graphs in the metafile (.wmf) format in order to edit them as vector images in other programs.

In most typical applications, leave this option selected (i.e., set at low resolution, the default setting) in order to create directly printable representations of STATISTICA Graphs in other programs. Note that, depending on the resolution of your display, these images may not look as "clean" on the screen as when this option is cleared (i.e., when high resolution metafiles are generated). In the latter case, however, the metafiles will be generated using high resolution rendering that, on most high-quality printing devices, will create output with too thin lines (e.g., with a single device pixel lines on a 1200 DPI printer).

Note that this option does not affect the quality of graphs saved/printed as STATISTICA Graphs files/objects, where the precise translation of the requested line thickness into printed or displayable resolution is not limited by compatibility concerns resulting from using the metafile (.wmf) representation.