Insert - Text

Ribbon bar. Select the Insert tab. In the Draw group, click Text to place a custom text object on the graph at any location.

Classic menus. On the Insert menu, select Text to place a custom text object on the graph at any location.

The mouse pointer will turn to a cross-hair shape when it is passed over the graph. Clicking at any location on the graph places a graphic text box downward and to the right of the cursor location.

Click the box to activate the text object to drag it to a new position. Double-click the object to display the Graph Titles/Text dialog box where the default text (i.e., Custom Text) can be replaced and customized.

Enter the desired text in the edit box, and then use the buttons on the mini-formatting toolbar above the box to customize the text.

Click the OK button to place the text on the graph. Note that all custom text is initially inserted as static text (i.e., its position in the graph window is independent of the graph coordinates and scaling). It can be changed to Dynamic in the Text Object Properties dialog box. To access this dialog box, click the More button in the Graph Titles/Text dialog box, and then click the Text Object Properties button.

This dialog box also provides access to customization options for other features such as frames, background patterns, and colors.

Note that you can also edit custom graph text on the Graph: Titles/Text tab of the Graph Options dialog box. If custom text needs to be aligned with other custom objects on the graph, consider using the Snap to Grid feature.