Chernoff Face Definition

Click the Chernoff definitions button on the Pattern tab of the Graph Options dialog box to display the Chernoff Face Definition dialog box, which contains options and settings to precisely define the Chernoff face that you want to draw in your modified graph.

Facial Features. The Facial Feature column lists all 20 features of the Chernoff face.

Default. The Chernoff Face Definition dialog box not only enables you to modify the specific assignment of variables to individual features of the Chernoff faces, but also to change the Default settings for each facial feature (the Default values are used when a feature has not been assigned to a specific variable). The Default values are useful because Chernoff faces are always "complete" (i.e., in order to look like faces, they always need to have all 20 features, even if fewer than 20 variables were selected), thus some features may have to remain constant.

from:to. The range of variation (from:to) for each facial feature is displayed to provide a reference point for setting the Defaults (values for constant features).

Variable. The Variable column lists names and the numbers of the variables that will be arranged according to the order in which they were originally selected for the existing Icon plot. If you want to change the variable at a particular position in the Variables column, click on that position to display the list of the selected variables from which you can select the desired variable.

Close. Click the Close button to exit from this dialog box and return to the previous dialog box.