Document Size and Scaling

When a graph is displayed,

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Customize Graph group, click to display the Document Size and Scaling dialog box.

Classic menus. From the View menu, select Document Size and Scaling to display the Document Size and Scaling dialog box.

Size. Use the options in the Size group box to change the overall size and proportions of the graph. Enter the desired parameters in the Width and Height fields.

Graph margins. In the Graph margins group box, specify the desired parameters of the graph margins in the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom fields.

Note: The specified Graph margins are a part of the graph dimension specified under Size. That is, a graph with the Width specified as 6 inches, the Height as 4 inches, and the Top, Left, Right, and Bottom Graph margins as 0.5 inches would have a graphic display area 5 inches wide by 3 inches high.

Inches. Select the Inches option button to express the dimensions of the graph and its margins in inches.  

Centimeters. Select the Centimeters option button to express the dimensions of the graph and its margins in centimeters.

Scaling of fonts/markers. In the Scaling of fonts/markers box, specify the relative size of all fonts and point markers displayed in the graph. To increase the relative size of point markers, increase the percentage value in the corresponding field. To decrease their relative size, decrease the percentage value.

Save as Default. Click the Save as Default button to save the current selections in this dialog box as a new style, which will become the default document style for all subsequent graphs. Note that clicking this button will overwrite the current default document style, and may therefore change all objects in the current graph created using the previous default document style. After you click this button, a message will be displayed warning you of this fact.

Styles saved as defaults can be reset to their original parameter values on the Documents/Graphs: Settings tab of the Options dialog box or by choosing the Revert to unmodified command from the menu obtained by right-clicking the Style box or clicking on the button next to the Style box.  

Style. Use the Style box to select from a variety of document styles. Note that when you select a style from this list, the appropriate boxes (e.g., Width, Height, Left, Top, Right, Bottom) are modified to fit the chosen style.  

Styles. Click the Styles button to display the Graphics Styles dialog box, in which you can edit, create, and apply styles.