Graph Options

When a graph is displayed,

Ribbon bar. Select the Format tab. In the Tools group, click Graph Options to display the Graph Options dialog box.

Classic menus. On the Format menu or from the graph shortcut menu, select Graph Options to display the Graph Options dialog box.

You can also double-click in the background of a graph to display the Graph Options dialog box.

Select a tab to display customization options for graphs. The options described below are available at the bottom of the dialog box regardless of which tab is selected.

Styles. Click the Styles button to display the Graphics Styles dialog box. In this dialog box you can choose the style to attach to the selected/specified object. Note that the styles available in this dialog box depend on which options in the Graph Options dialog box you have currently selected. For more information about graphic styles, see Graphics Styles Overview.

Record macro. Select this check box to start recording a macro after the OK button is clicked.

OK. Click the OK button to update the graph with the customizations made in this dialog box.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to return to the graph without making any customizations or changes.