Plot: Regression Bands

The options described here are used to customize regression bands. These options are available in the Regression Bands dialog box as well as on the Regression Bands tab of the Graph Options dialog box.

Plot, Fit, Bands. Although all of the options are the same for each band, you can make changes to each band independently of the other. Select here the band to which you want to make changes. If you have several plots in one graph, you may want to assign names to each plot using the Name option on the General tab. The three fields work together. For example, to edit the regression bands on the third fit in plot 2, set Plot to 2, Fit to 3 and Bands to 1.

Add new pair of bands, Delete. You can add a new band by clicking the Add button. When you do this, a new band will be automatically added to the Band list box, and that new band will be selected in the Band list. To delete a band, select the plot and fit which has the band in the Plot and Fit fields and the band you want to delete in the Band field, and click the Delete button. Note that the options here are for deleting bands not fits or plots. To delete plots, see the General tab. To delete fits, see the Fitting tab.

Type. The options in this box allow you to choose between Confidence bands or Prediction bands. Specify the probability level to use in the Level field. Simply put, when Confidence bands are constructed, the confidence level represents the probability that the "true" fitted line (in the population) falls between the bands. When Prediction bands are constructed, this confidence level represents the probability that additional sample points will fall within the prediction interval. For a more precise definition of confidence levels, see How can I interpret a 100(1-alpha)% confidence interval?

Pattern. Check the Pattern box if you want to have a line for the regression bands. You can customize the appearance of the bands in the Line Properties dialog box, which is available by clicking the Pattern button. The current specifications for the bands will be shown in the view box on the Pattern button.

Style. Instead of specifying regression band patterns using the Pattern option, you can select the style you want to use for this band from the Style drop-down list box. To view a menu of options related to styles (Save, Save As, Revert to unmodified, etc.), click the button to the right of this box. For more information on styles, see Graphics Styles Overview.