3D XYZ Graphs

3D XYZ Graphs offer the most common methods to visualize data in 3-dimensional space; the "true XYZ" implementation of 3D graphs in STATISTICA (regular or categorized) offers numerous options to interpret triplets of values (X, Y, Z) as coordinates in a 3D space of points. They represent either standard methods to graphically summarize raw data (e.g., scatterplots, surface plots, contour plots, or ternary plots) or standard graphical analytic techniques (e.g., categorized plots). The 3D XYZ Graphs are available from the Graphs menu. When the 3D XYZ Graphs are generated, STATISTICA automatically takes into account the current Analysis/Graph Case Selection Conditions and Analysis/Graph Case Weights condition for the variables selected to be plotted.

Regardless of the type of 3D XYZ Graph and the method that was used to create a graph, all STATISTICA graph customization facilities can be used to change the appearance of the 3D XYZ Graph or integrate it with other graphs or documents. Also, all integrated analytic facilities that are accessible from within graphs in STATISTICA (such as function fitting, smoothing, rotation, brushing, analytical zooming, etc.) are available and can be applied to the graph regardless of the source of the numbers in the graph or the method that was used to create it. For a general overview of the graphics facilities in STATISTICA, see Graph Overview.

For a comprehensive listing of all basic graphs, see also the Graphs Menu topic. For specific information on 3D XYZ Graphs, click on the graph name below.  

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