Graph Locking

Statistica graphs can be locked to prevent either accidental or unauthorized changes to the graph content, such as the scaling of a graph, the data behind the graph, or the graph appearance. This can be useful in regulated environments, where you want to ensure that the graph accurately represents the data it was originally created from, and that it has not been modified in any way.

When a graph is open, select Lock Graph from the Tools menu or click the Lock graph button in the Graph Options dialog box, Graph: Window tab to access the Lock Graph dialog box.

When locking, you can specify which graph features you want to prevent changes to, including the Graph Options dialog box (prevent access to the Graph Options dialog box), Titles/legends, graph Objects, graph Appearance (colors/patterns/font/font size, etc.), Axes scales, Graph data, or graph Brushing operations. When locking the graph, you can specify an optional password; if specified, this password is required to unlock or further change the lock settings on the graph.