Method of Categorization (or Intervals)

Categorization (or Intervals) is used in two classes of graphs in Statistica: categorized graphs (e.g., Categorized Scatterplots) and graphs that include grouping or categorized variables (e.g., 2D Histograms, or 2D Box Plots). You can choose from several methods of categorization:

Note: You can change the number of significant digits that are used when labeling the category levels in the graph by specifying the desired number of digits in the No. of decimals option on the Axis Scale Values tab of the Graph Options dialog box. You can also specify alphanumeric category labels or the equivalent numeric category labels on the graph axes by using the Display text labels as axis values option.

You can define up to 1,000 grouping (or categorized) variables in Statistica.

See also, Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining Techniques.