Factorial ANOVA in General ANOVA/MANOVA

Select Factorial ANOVA from the General ANOVA/MANOVA dialog box - Quick tab to specify factorial ANOVA or MANOVA designs. In the subsequent Quick specs dialog box, you can specify up to four categorical predictor variables, and specify either a full factorial ANOVA (MANOVA) model, or a custom factorial design that includes terms to a user-specified factorial degree (e.g., main effects and two-way interactions only). Those types of models are frequently used in the area of industrial experimentation, where fractional factorial designs (e.g., 2(k-p) fractional factorial designs or 3(k-p) and Box Behnken designs) are commonly used to evaluate many factors and their lower-order interactions in few experimental runs (observations). Note that if you want to select five or more categorical predictor variables, you must use the General Linear Models module. For more information, refer to the GLM Introductory Overview and the Experimental Design module.