ANOVA More Results

Select the More results button from the ANOVA Results dialog to display an ANOVA Results dialog box with more options. This dialog box contains eleven tabs: Summary, Means, Planned comps, Post-hoc, Assumptions, Profiler, Custom tests, Residuals 1, Residuals 2, Matrix, and Report.

The Summary tab contains options to produce summaries of the main results, for example, ANOVA tables, parameter estimates, R-square, descriptive statistics, etc.

The Means tab contains options to compute (1) observed unweighted means, (2) observed weighted means, and (3) least squares (predicted) means; tables of marginal means can be displayed in spreadsheets, or summarized in graphs (with or without confidence intervals).

The Planned comps tab contains options to test specific hypotheses about linear combinations of (least squares) means (planned comparisons).

The Post-hoc tab contains options to compute post-hoc comparisons between means.

The Assumptions tab contains options to test assumptions about the homogeneity of variances and covariances, distributions of variables and within-cell residuals and correlations, and the correlation between means and standard deviations or variances.

The Profiler tab contains options to compute and display desirability profiles for combinations of multiple variables.

The Custom tests tab contains options to select a list of effects from the current design, and a custom error term for testing those effects.

The Residuals 1 tab contains options to compute predicted values and detailed residual statistics (e.g., residual, deleted residuals, Mahalanobis distance, leverage values, DFFITS values, etc.).

The Residuals 2 tab contains options to produce histograms, probability plots, and 2D and 3D scatterplot of predicted and residual values, as well as the observed values for any variable in the current data file.

The Matrix tab contains options to review various matrices involved in the computations of the main results, as well as detailed collinearity statistics and partial and semi-partial (or part) correlations.

Finally, the Report tab contains options to send results to a report.

Less. Click the Less button to display the ANOVA Results dialog box with fewer tabs and options.

Close. Click the Close button to close the results dialog box.

Modify. Click the Modify button to return to the previous dialog box for the respective analysis (see Methods for Specifying Designs).

Options. Click the Options button to display the Options menu.

See also, General ANOVA/MANOVA - Index.