ANOVA Results - Quick Tab


Select the Quick tab of the ANOVA Results dialog box to access options to display the main results for the current analysis.

All effects/Graphs. Click the All effects/Graphs button to display the Table of all Effects dialog box. This dialog box shows the summary ANOVA (MANOVA) table for all effects; you can then select an effect and produce a spreadsheet or plot of the observed unweighted, observed weighted, and least squares means. Refer also to the description of the options on the Means tab for details concerning the different means computed by the program, and their standard errors.

All effects. Click the All effects button to create a spreadsheet with the ANOVA (MANOVA) table for all effects. If the design is univariate in nature (involves only a single dependent variable), then the univariate results ANOVA table will be displayed; the univariate results ANOVA table is also displayed for univariate repeated measures designs; if the design is multivariate in nature, then the multivariate results MANOVA table will be displayed, showing the statistics as selected in the Multivariate tests box (via the Summary tab). For a discussion of the different types of designs, and how the respective ANOVA/MANOVA tables are computed, see the GLM Introductory Overview.

Effect sizes. Click the Effect sizes button to create a spreadsheet with the ANOVA (MANOVA) table for all effects and the effect sizes and powers (i.e., Partial eta-squared, Non-centrality, and Observed power). Partial eta-squared is the proportion of the variability in the dependent variables that is explained by the effect. The Non-centrality value is the main statistic used to compute power, and the Power column contains the power values of the significant test on the effect. The ANOVA (MANOVA) table is described above, see All effects.

Alpha values. The values in the Alpha values group box are used in all results spreadsheets and graphs, whenever a confidence limit is to be computed, or a particular result to be highlighted based its statistical significance.

Confidence limits. Enter a value in the Confidence limits field to be used for constructing confidence limits in the respective results spreadsheets or graphs (e.g., spreadsheet of parameter estimates, graph of means); by default 95% confidence limits will be constructed.

Significance level. Enter a value in the Significance level field to be used for all spreadsheets and graphs, where statistically significant results are to be highlighted (e.g., in the All effects spreadsheet); by default all results significant at the p < .05 level will be highlighted.